Loretta Lynch recuses herself to save her own career

Loretta Lynch recuses herself to save her own career

06/30/16 | by gazunkco [mail] | Categories: Political

The meeting this week between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was a calculated event by both sides. Neither Bill Clinton nor Loretta Lynch are stupid, both knew full well that their meeting was prohibited by Federal Regulation 28. What was discussed in the meeting is entirely irrelevant, the meeting is strictly prohibited. So in all likelihood, they probably did discuss grandchildren, travel, etc., both know the topic of discussion was of no consequence.

Obviously both of them believed they had something to gain by this prohibited event. Bill Clinton will probably be implicated by the results of the FBI investigation and may face is own legal issues. For this reason he wants Loretta Lynch out and one of his cronies to appoint the special prosecutor, someone who is sympathetic to him and maybe even Hillary. He knew the meeting was prohibited and waited to meet with Loretta Lynch because he knew it would require that she recuse herself.

Loretta Lynch cannot be the Attorney General of the United States of America and not know this meeting was prohibited by Federal Regulations, it is just not possible. She knew and wanted the meeting for the purpose of providing “cause” for her to be able to recuse herself. She believed this to be necessary because she saw no way for her to survive the impending FBI recommendation for indictment of Hillary Clinton without devastating her career.

If she pursues the FBI recommendation to prosecute Hillary Clinton, then her political career is over. If she recuses herself without good “cause” and appoints a special prosecutor, then again her career is over. Obama would not stand for that. If she refuses to prosecute, yet again her political career is over, she would be regarded as nothing more than a puppet. Her only winning move is to recuse herself with good “cause", hence this rules violation.

Both Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch knew what the result of the meeting would be, her recusal, and it is what both wanted. It was the entire point of the meeting.



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