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Donald Trump vs Founding Fathers: both risking everything

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One aspect of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign that is being overlooked by everyone, is that Donald Trump is risking everything, his fortune and his life, all for the love of country, just like the founding fathers.

If Donald Trump becomes the republican candidate for president, and loses in November, HE WILL BE SUBSEQUENTLY DESTROYED by both the Democrats and the Republicans. They will destroy him financially and personally. And they will not stop until he is penniless and/or dead. They will do this to send a message to the rest of us to never try this again. It will be a loud, public destruction that will permeate all aspects of society. Everyone will know that it is pointless and dangerous to oppose the established rulers.

All the lobby groups, PAC’s, Think-Tanks, and other groups of Washington DC leeches have a vested interest in destroying opposition to the establishment. Donald Trump represents a threat to that establishment and he will pay a very public price if he loses.

Just like the founding fathers of this country, who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their honor to establish this land; So too is Donald Trump and he knows it. None of the other candidates running for president are putting anything at risk, if they lose they will go back to their jobs and lives. They don’t represent a threat to the established way of doing business in Washington DC, Trump does.

Glenn Beck has repeatedly called for those among us to step forward and take on the fight for liberty and freedom. He may not like Donald Trump, but I think he must acknowledge that he stepped forward and has put it all on the line.

If Trump wins, and he throws out the establishment, then his face should be on the $20 bill.


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Definition of Consultant

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When you ask them “What time is it?” they borrow your watch to tell you the time, then keep the watch. – Blogger



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