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USA - Debtor Nation

09/15/09 | by blogger | Categories: Political, Biography

Just to provide some perspective about the author before you read these comments. I am a United States citizen, born in Oklahoma and raised in a small farming community in Oklahoma. I have lived my entire life here in the USA. My parents were born in the USA, my Grandparents and their parents were all born in the USA and lived their entire lives here. I am not a hyphenated American, I am an American. Having said that, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a hyphenated American, you are either an American or not, regardless of where you or your ancestors were born.

But the following comments are not about being an American, they are about whether or not the United States of America is viable as a continuing country. Our debt is out of control, our banks are being taken over by the government, our manufacturing industries are now controlled by the government, our income is controlled and regulated by the government, all aspects of our lives are now under direct supervision by the United States government. To make it worse, elected and appointed government officials have bankrupted our country and are now demanding that we pay for it.

Not only are we (the citizens of the United States) being forced to pay for the incompetence of the elected and appointed federal officials, but we are also now required to support the Chinese government and it’s citizens as well. The USA debt held by the Chinese makes them a creditor nation who is able to reap great benefits from the sweat and labor of each and every American citizen. They are in a position where they are able to use our money to further build their own financial power, infrastructure, and status in the world. At the expense of every American citizen, the Chinese collect extraordinary interest payments on the debt they hold in order to further their own goals and aspirations. This situation is not the fault of the Chinese, it is the fault of every elected and appointed member of the United States federal government.

The Chinese are moving forward, building for the future, striving to achieve all that is possible (sound familiar?) America is burdened with debt and will remain stagnant for a very long time to come. America will struggle simply to maintain equilibrium, much less build anything for the future. America is now a debtor nation with all the problems and limitations associated with that status.

Unfortunately, America no longer provides an environment where a person can achieve their greatest dreams because before our dreams can be pursued, we must first pay the interest on our debt to the Chinese, who then use this money to pursue their own hopes and dreams. It no longer makes sense to live, work, own or operate a business in America. The debt/tax load is too high and free markets no longer exist here. Operating a business in America means that you will work not only to support yourself, your employees, and various government entities, you will also be working to support the Chinese government, the Chinese people, and their dreams and aspirations.

It makes no sense to own or operate a business in the oppressive environment imposed on us by the United States federal government. Many American business owners and operators are quietly moving their families and businesses out of the United States. They are moving to a country with a burgeoning free market economy, where it is still possible for a person to achieve their hopes and dreams. To a place that does not have overburdening government debt, a place with less government interference, less government oppression, less government control. To a place where the economy is growing at a phenomenal rate, a place that is eager to welcome and support new businesses.

And that place is China…


The rebirth of investigative journalism

09/12/09 | by blogger | Categories: Political

The mainstream media is unabashedly complicit in assisting the government to violate the constitution, oppress the helpless, and enslave the masses. Owners of large media outlets are receiving direct government payments for their participation in a wide range of plans to control and oppress the American people.

In this economy where new journalism graduates are finding it very difficult to obtain a job, many are creating their own opportunities. They see the failing mainstream media, newspapers going out of business, various other media only seeking to pursue the almighty (taxpayers) dollar.

The new generation of journalists understand that to have any chance of success, they will have to create that success for themselves. They will have to make their own way and pursue those stores the mainstream media has consciously chosen to ignore. The mainstream media has created an information vacuum oriented around government corruption, oppression, theft and fraud.

As everyone knows, nature abhors a vacuum.

The new generation of journalists have a tremendous opportunity to realize their greatest aspirations very quickly in their careers. This and previous administrations have provided the opportunities, it is now up to the aspiring journalists to seize those opportunities and expose the conspiracies, oppression, theft, fraud and corruption.

If this administration achieves nothing else, it will be credited with providing the impetus for the rebirth of investigative journalism we are about to witness. It is an exciting time to be an American and to participate in the same sort of revolution that has not occurred since 1776, and it will all be driven by young journalists like James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. At this momemt, new young journalists are getting out their digital cameras and formulating a plan to expose the corruption all around them. They have been made aware that they can create their own destiny, fame, and fortune. Armies of unemployed wanna-be journalists are now searching for the story that can inaugurate their careers. Conversely, the administration and the mainstream media have scripted their own death knell, and it’s time of fulfillment is now.



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