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In response to: JP Morgan posts $2B in trading losses: Why it happened explained

Why does Jamie Dimon change the pay and benefits for his employees while he is overpaid, while moral dips?
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In response to: Quote from Winston Churchill

Gerber Construction [Visitor] ·
Best quote of my life. I don't need anything amazing I need the absolute best. I don't need much I need everything. anyways that made me laugh thanks :]
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In response to: A plan for the secession of Texas

Tom@Nashville Flood Damage [Visitor] ·
Haha I love this! I wouldn't be surprised if one day Texas gets so fed up with the US that they try this. I mean, Texans love guns and most of them could protect themselves if they wanted.
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In response to: The Haircut

Tom@Nashville Flood Damage [Visitor] ·
Hahaha. Never heard this story before and how clever and true it is. We definitely need some change with the people who run our communities and country. Always looking for shortcuts to screw the rest of us.
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In response to: The Haircut

Brian [Visitor] ·
Very funny anectdote there! Interesting to think that those that are stale and that have been in power for so long tend to stink as well the longer you leave them there.
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In response to: The Haircut

Treadmill Traci [Visitor] ·
I agree. No matter who you are, too much power eventually goes to your head. I think that politicians' salary should be voted on by the tax payers, not the people benefiting from the pay raise. That's a funny quote byt the way, the one about diapers and politicians.
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In response to: USA - Debtor Nation

tanie foteliki samochodowe [Visitor] ·
That sounds like a fairy tale, or perhaps cartoon evil ... scary information.
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In response to: Slavery legalized by Obama Health Care Law

Grygry gry [Visitor] ·
I do love the way you have presented this situation and it does supply me a lot of fodder for consideration. Nonetheless, from everything that I have personally seen, I only hope as the actual comments pack on that people continue to be on point and in no way start upon a soap box involving the news of the day. Yet, thank you for this exceptional piece and though I do not agree with it in totality, I value your standpoint.
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